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Attention Ms DiPaolo

Dear Ms. DiPaolo, I['m Pastor John Kistler and I am writing in regards to a School Property Tax case you filed in Pennsylvania concerning the issue of them being Un-Constitutional. (see attached)
I have bee a board member of several CAPTAX associations in Northeast Pennsylvania for several years and recently attempted to file a suit in Federal Court, regarding the "Property Tax" Scam in general, not only the School tax portion... however the Fed. Magistrate dismissed it due to lack of SMJ!
See: 1999-0570: Dale R. DeRolph, Parent and Next Friend of Nathan DeRolph, et al. v. State of Ohio et al. an Ohio Supreme Court case in which the Ohio courts ruled that the School Property tax is Un-Constitutional... it may give you the information you need to seal the deal in this matter.
I'm overjoyed to see that someone has take this to the courts for a verdict however, I sincerely feel that the case should not have been just about the "School" portion of the tax as the entire property tax system in it's entirety.

There are may other way to fund the city, county and state bureaucracy without giving them a license to steal the property of hard working people who simply cannot afford to pay the extortion the assessors insist are due them each and every year for as long as one owns that property....

I feel you missed the boat in that a tax on "Private Property" for the economic benefit of another at the peril of loosing the rights to your property is the key issue here in and of the fact that "Property Taxes" are not AVOIDABLE unless you choose to not live the american dream of private property ownership which our ancestors originally came to america in search of...

The Property Tax System is also against a "Specific Class of People" as you stated in your claim that they were only targeting "Commercial" owners.... well then why not expound on that and include "ALL" property owners because if you use logical reasoning there would be no difference in saying that well lets see where we can steal money from to support our wasteful spending and to prop up our failing pension funds.. I know lets tax the "Blacks"... oh no we can't do that, that's "Racial" discrimination... Ok, then lets tax the "Jews", Oh no we can't do that, that's "Religious" discrimination.... Ok, then let's tax the Italians... Oh no we can't do that, that's "Ethnic" discrimination.... I got it' let's only tax property owners and when they don't pay we'll sell their home or property to some other sucker who thinks he has the ability to pay after all they won't band together and fight this in court because they aren't and organized crime ring like we are, so they'll never be the wiser to our scam....

Damn, that's a perfect case of RICO, Fraud, Unjust enrichment, Conversion of Assets, use of Mail Fraud, Abuse of process, Miss Use of Power and on and on .... you get my point...

Private Property Ownership is supposed to be the foundation of the American Dream and protected against tyrannical abuses of government.

If not then we are merely nothing less than "Serfs" or "Slaves" on the great plantation called AMERICA... a private corporation!

I sincerely hope that the attached research documents help you in you current suit and that you can amend you pleadings to include all property taxes... not just the school portion.
Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss this vitally important issues.... a class action suit definitely need to be filed in this matter for the good of all americans' who "THINK" they own Private Property!

Sincerely John M. Kistler, Pastor

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ReDoplh-v.-State 1999-0575-with-state-web-cite-to-copy-and-paste-for-search.docx

Trust, Commitment and Love Super speech!

Lou Holtz - Trust. Commitment. Love.

These are the 3 rules Lou Holtz wished he knew when he was 21.Speech given at Franciscan University of Steubenville

Posted by Goalcast on Friday, September 8, 2017

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