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Awareness starts with us , We let your voice be heard on Live radio. We have advice. We fight with you. We share your story of heartbreak. We know what it's like to have children ripped away from us for no reason but for the government money being made off of children being trapped and trafficked through the many broken corrupt court systems that are supposed to "protect" our children and fight for their best interest. You are not alone! Lets talk about What We Are Not supposed To Talk About !!!!!!! Anonymous calls ARE accepted, Let's give them something to talk about! The change begins with us! The change begins now!

What Motivates Me

I got into this because my family was a victim of the Kids For Cash scandal. My niece Amanda Lorah was incarcerated for 5 1/2 years for a non-criminal offence along with 3000 other kids, who were wrongfully incarcerated. I played a large part in helping to gather information on the corrupt judges that trafficked kids in the system for money...As a result of the exposure of the criminal, and scandalous activity that I helped to uncover, the movie "Kids For Cash" was filmed out of my house.

Coming October 30th @ 5pm

The Forgotten Kids for Cash

This is the story of two forgotten Kids For Cash victims left in the system that no one accounted for for 12 years, who just got released this year 2017!
This is a story that will shock you, and shake your to your core. The whole nation believed that every child that was a victim of Kids for Cash was left out from wrongful imprisonment in the human traffic centers; however, that is not true. Listen to Matthew’s story and hear how he and another Luzerne County child were forgotten about by the feds, the juvenile law center, juvenile commission, and so many more.
The authorities came and released all the kids for cash victims but forgot 2, how can this happen? Why did this happen?
Well we are all still wondering that and will get to the answers, in our questions for Matthew and his friend as they so deserve to know why they were forgotten.
Audio Available 10/30/2017 @ 5pm!


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